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Usage rules

Přihláška MetaVO is catch-all virtual organization of the Czech National Grid Organization MetaCentrum NGI and it is intended only for employees and students of research organisations in the Czech Republic and for research purposes only. Users registered in MetaCentrum get access to the computing and storage capacity and a wide range of application software.

Using of MetaVO is free of charge, we only require agreement with usage rules, acknowlegement in user's publications, and annual report of achieved results.

Registration process

Persons interested in usage of MetaCentrum resources can submit the registration form by clicking at link Registration form in the menu.

By submitting the application form you agree with MetaVO usage rules and you certify that you have read and understood MetaCentrum usage rules

The current state of registration can be checked on Registration state checking page, the access requires an user login name and password chosen during the registration process.

For checking personal data we use Czech Academic Identity Federation The identity and data are provided by user's home organisation, which guarantees their validity.

If you want to use MetaCentrum Cloud, just use standard MetaCenter Registration form too.



User access to MetaVO resources is enabled by using your user login name and corresponding password. The password will serve you as the only central password enabling unified access to all MetaVO computational capacities and also to all services of the e-infrastructure for research and development e-INFRA CZ.

Please, take the password security properly and seriously (do not choose trivial password, do not write it down anywhere, do not tell it to anybody) and do not forget it firstly! If you accidentally forgot the password, you can set it at My Acccount - Change password.

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