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14. 2. 2018: NEW cluster zelda available
New SMP cluster in Brno...
13. 2. 2018: Research grant offer in HPC-Europa3 programme
Upcoming call deadline: 28 February 2018...
30. 11. 2017: NEW cluster aman available
New SMP cluster in Brno...
14. 11. 2017: NEW cluster hildor available
HW upgrade of cluster hildor in Ceske Budejovice...
12.2.2018 till 11 AM: Unexpected failure of AFS file system
Because of the failure of the AFS server, some SW modules are not available...
5.2.2018: Unplanned network connectivity outage in Brno
MetaCloud and Brno machines are not working properly...
from Jan 8: Response to security failures in processors known as Meltdown and Specter
System updates on frontends, computing nodes, MetaCloud and VMWare...
from 31.12.2017: Unexpected power outage in Prague FZU (cluster luna, kalpa)
Unfortunately, there is a power outage in cluster rooms in Prague FZU AV CR...
Current state
Current state
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Welcome to the MetaCentrum Virtual Organization portal!

MetaCentrum VO is catch-all virtual organization of the Czech National Grid Organization  MetaCentrum NGI. MetaCentrum operates and manages distributed computing infrastructure consisting of computing and storage resources owned by CESNET as well as resources of co-operative academic centres within the Czech Republic. Users registered in MetaCentrum get access to a wide range of application software and utilities free of charge, for example Matlab, Maple, or Gaussian.

To become a MetaCentrum VO member, complete our application form, please. MetaCentrum membership is free for researchers and students of academic institutions in the Czech Republic, the members of the CESNET association.





At present the MetaCentrum sites are: Masaryk University in Brno (Center CERIT-SC and Faculty of Science), UOCHB, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Faculty of Applied Sciences), University of South Bohemia (Faculty of Science's cluster), Academy of Sciences (FZU), Departement of Telecommunication Engineering FEL ČVUT,  and CESNET z.s.p.o..



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