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20. 9. 2021: /storage/brno8 and /storage/ostrava1 decomission
Storages brno8 and ostrava1 will be shut down...
22. 7. 2021: Job extension tool
Users are allowed to prolong their jobs in a limited number of cases. ...
21. 7. 2021: Hadoop cluster decomission
Try our cloud Hadoop solution...
7. 6. 2021: MetaCenter data storage news
quotas for the number of files, data backup, change in settings the writting rights to the /home directory...
1.-2.12.2021: HW upgrade of the /storage/brno6/
Moving data to a new HW...
21.10.2020: Scheduled outage of the MetaCentrum Cloud
API and Dashboard unavailability...
5.10.2021: Unexpected outage of /storage/budejovice1/ and cluster hiildor
Power outage...
5.10.-7.10.2021: Luna cluster, luna frontend and storage-praha6-fzu planned outage
Luna cluster, luna frontend and storage-praha6-fzu will be down between 5th and 7th october 2021...
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Current state
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Welcome to the MetaCentrum Virtual Organization portal!

MetaCentrum VO is catch-all virtual organization of the Czech National Grid Organization  MetaCentrum NGI. MetaCentrum operates and manages distributed computing infrastructure consisting of computing and storage resources owned by CESNET as well as resources of co-operative academic centres within the Czech Republic. Users registered in MetaCentrum get access to a wide range of application software and utilities free of charge, for example Matlab, Maple, or Gaussian.

To become a MetaCentrum VO member, complete our application form, please. MetaCentrum membership is free for researchers and students of academic institutions in the Czech Republic, the members of the CESNET association.



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