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31. 1. 2023: Invitation to the course: High Performance Data Analysis with R
Ostrava, 26–27 April, hybrid...
10. 1. 2023: Providing feedback on MetaCenter services
Please help us optimize our services...
29. 11. 2022: New queue on ursa node
Special settings for large jobs asking multiples of 18 CPU cores...
29. 8. 2022: New parameter in PBS: spec
It is now possible to define CPU speed of computational node...
20- Unplanned network failure in Brno
Short-term outages of the cerit-pbs scheduling system...
1.9.2022: Planned outage of lex, krux, zubat cluster and brno14-ceitec storage
Planned outage of lex, krux, zubat cluster and brno14-ceitec storage...
14.7.2022: Planned outage of /storage/liberec3-tul, charon frontend and charon cluster
Planned power outage in the TU Liberec buildings 14. 7....
1.7.2022: Unplanned outage of the old /storage/brno6/ (disks failure)
Planned decommissioning ...
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Current state
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Welcome to the MetaCentrum Virtual Organization portal!

MetaCentrum VO is catch-all virtual organization of the Czech National Grid Organization  MetaCentrum NGI. MetaCentrum operates and manages distributed computing infrastructure consisting of computing and storage resources owned by CESNET as well as resources of co-operative academic centres within the Czech Republic. Users registered in MetaCentrum get access to a wide range of application software and utilities free of charge, for example Matlab, Maple, or Gaussian.

To become a MetaCentrum VO member, complete our application form, please. MetaCentrum membership is free for researchers and students of academic institutions in the Czech Republic, the members of the CESNET association.



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