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Fri Apr 06 15:35:00 CEST 2018
Operational news of the MetaCentrum & CERIT-SC infrastructures

Wed Feb 14 21:39:00 CET 2018
NEW cluster zelda available

Tue Feb 13 23:24:00 CET 2018
Research grant offer in HPC-Europa3 programme

Uživatelská podpora To provide pleasant interactions between users and computational capacities of METAcentrum we prepared knowledge base concerning different thematic areas that will every METACentrum user sooner or later need to know.

You can therefore search the knowledge base Můžete proto prohledávat databázi dostupných informací k následujícícm tématům:

If you did not find desired information in the knowledge base, try to visit the list of FAQs (list of frequently asked questions) or  Glossary of terms potentially ask the METACentrum administrators through RT interface (Request Tracking System).

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