Report problem

Primary contact for solving problems related to MetaCentrum operation is the adress

All comments and suggestions concerning MetaCentrum as well as questions related to technical matters can be sent to the address You can also send there all error messages or problems encountered using MetaCentrum resources, questions regarding particular applications and/or system software if the relevant information can not be found in the documentation, as well as information about abnormal function of installed software.

RT system

All new e-mails received at the address are recorded in our RT (Request Tracking) system, which creates so called ticket and assigns a number to it.

Creation of a new ticket is announced to the author of the original e-mail and also to all MetaCentrum people responsible for dealing with user requests. The ticket number is in the subject field of all e-mails concerning the ticket, for example [CESNET #12345]. The ticket number is used for matching e-mails received at with their corresponding tickets. So please keep this number in e-mail subjects.

When a ticket is solved, it gets closed. The original author is notified about it by e-mail. Any subsequent reply again opens the closed ticket.


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