New setting in gpu and gpu_long queues

New setting in gpu and gpu_long queues

Dear users,

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, the gpu@wagap-pro, gpu@arien-pro, and gpu_long@arien-pro queues setting has been changed:

Due to the limitation of non-GPU jobs access to GPU machines, we have set the gpu and gpu_long queues on both PBS servers only for jobs explicitly requesting at least one GPU card:

If the GPU card is not required in the qsub, the following message is displayed and the job is not accepted by the PBS server:

     'qsub: Job violates queue and/or server resource limits'


At the same time, we set up the gpu queue sharing between the two PBS servers (jobs from arien-pro can be run at wagap-pro and vice versa). The gpu_long queue is managed only by the arien-pro PBS server, so the change does not apply.

More information about GPU machines can be found at


Thank you for your understanding,

MetaCentre users support

Ivana Křenková, Wed Jun 27 21:39:00 CEST 2018