NEW cluster a NEW storage /storage/liberec3-tul/

NEW cluster a NEW storage /storage/liberec3-tul/

Dear users,

I'm glad to announce you the MetaCentrum's computing capacity was extended with a new cluster (location Liberc, owner TUL, 400 CPUs) with 60 nodes and 20 CPU cores in each:


The cluster can be accessed via the conventional job submission through PBS Pro batch system (@arien-pro server) in default queue and in the charon priority front dedicated for charon owners.

If you experience any problem with libraries or applications compatibility on Debian9, please, try to add module debian8-compat.
All problems and incompatibility issues, please, report us to

For complete list of available HW in MetaCentrum see


NEW  /storage/liberec3-tul/home/

Nové pole (30 TB) bude sloužit jako domovský adresář na clusteru charon a bude dostupné v adreséři /storage/liberec3-tul/ na všech strojích Metacentra, členové skupiny charon zde budou mit nastavenu kvotu 1 TB, všichni ostatní 10 GB.

The new field (30 TB) serves as the home directory on the charon cluster and will is available on all Metacentra machines in the /storage/liberec3/tul/ directory. The members of the charon group will have a quota of 1 TB, all the other 10 GB.



With best regards,


Ivana Křenková, Mon Dec 10 21:39:00 CET 2018