Czech Galaxy Community Questionnaire

Czech Galaxy Community Questionnaire

Dear users,

If your work is related to computational analysis please fill the Czech Galaxy Community Questionnaire below. It is very short and all questions are optional:

We would like to map the interests of Czech scientific communities, some of which are already using Galaxy, e.g. the RepeatExplorer ( or our own MetaCentrum ( instance. We want to identify interests with high prevalence and focus our training and outreach efforts towards them.


Together with the community questionnaire we are also launching a Galaxy-Czech mailing list at

This low volume open list will be steered towards organizing and publicizing workshops across all Galaxies, nurturing community discussion, and connecting with other national or topical Galaxy communities. Please subscribe if you are interested in what is happening in the Galaxy community.

Best regards,

yours MetaCentrum


Ivana Křenková, 3. 3. 2021