MetaCenter news supporting raising safety standards

MetaCenter news supporting raising safety standards

MetaCentrum introduces two news as part of raising safety standards:

1) User access location monitoring. As a part of IT safety precautions, we introduced a new mechanism to prevent the abuse of stolen login data. From now on, the user's login location will be compared to previous point(s) of access. If a new location is found, the user will receive e-mail informing him/her about this fact and asking him/her to report to Metacentrum in case he/she did not do the login. The goal is to make it possible to detect unauthorized usage of user login data.

In case they suspect unauthorized use of their login data, we ask users to proceed according to instructions given in the e-mail.


2) Change in password encryption handling. Due to recent changes in Metacentrum safety infrastructure a new encryption method for users' password was adopted. To complete the process, it is necessary that users afflicted by the change renew their passwords. The password itself does not need to be changed, albeit we urge users to use reasonably strong one.

In the coming weeks we will send e-mail to the afflicted users asking them to undergo the password change. The password can be changed also at the link


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Ivana Křenková, 7. 5. 2021