New version of graphical environment OnDemand

New version of graphical environment OnDemand

Dear users,

We have prepared a new version of the Open OnDemand graphical environment.

Open OnDemand is a service that enables users to access computational resources via web browser in graphical mode.

User may start common PBS jobs, get access to frontend terminals, copy files between our storages or run several graphical applications in browser. Among the most used applications available are Matlab, ANSYS, MetaCentrum Remote Desktop and VMD (see full list of GUI applications available via OnDemand). The graphical sessions are persistent, you can access them from different computers in different times or even simultaneously.

The login and password to Open OnDemand V2 interface is your e-INFRA CZ / Metacentrum login and Metacentrum password.

More information can be found in the documentation on the wiki


Ivana Křenková, 13. 2. 2023