MetaCentrum user documentation is moving

MetaCentrum user documentation is moving

Dear users,

We have prepared new MetaCenter documentation for you, which is available at .

We have structured the content according to the topics you are interested in, which you can find in the top bar. After clicking on the selected topic, the help menu on the left will appear with further navigation. On the right is the table of contents with the topics on the page.

We have included the feedback you sent us in the questionnaire into the documentation (thank you). For example, we cleaned up a lot of outdated information that remained traceable in the wiki and tried to make the tutorial examples clearer.

Because of the ability to trace back information, the original documentation will not be deleted immediately, but will remain temporarily accessible. However, it has not been updated since the end of March 2023!

Why did we choose a different documentation format and leave the wiki?

As you know, we are in the process of integrating our services into a single e-INFRA CZ* platform. Part of this integration is the unification of the format of all user documentation. In the future, we will integrate our new documentation into the common documentation of all services provided as part of e-INFRA CZ activities

* e-INFRA CZ is an infrastructure for science and research that connects and coordinates the activities of three Czech e-infrastructures: the CESNET, CERIT-SC and IT4Innovations. More information can be found on the e-INFRA CZ homepage

The new documentation is still undergoing development and changes. In case you encounter any problems, uncertainties or miss something, please let us know at . We are already thinking how to make the section of the documentation dedicated to software installations even better for you.

MetaCenter team

Ivana Křenková, 3. 4. 2023