Servisní odstávka diskového pole /storage/brno1 (/storage/home)

25.-26. 2. 2014 - Service maintenance of the disk array /storage/brno1 (/storage/home)

Because of several HW/SW problems that have recently occured with the disk array /storage/brno1 (/storage/home), its complex service maintenance and SW upgrade has to be urgently performed.

Unfortunately, this maintenance cannot be performed on the live system; thus, the disk array has to be ***PUT OUT OF OPERATION*** (and made inaccessible)

on Tuesday, 25. February 2014 during morning hours
(The assumed shutdown duration is 1-2 days.)

Influence on the running jobs:

We're really sorry for the problems that may occur. Unfortunatelly, the current condition of the /storage/brno1 (/storage/home) disk array cannot be left untouched any more -- this would result in bigger problems in the future.

With many thanks for understanding
Tomáš Rebok.

Tom Rebok, 20. 2. 2014