Neplánovaný výpadek napájení na sálech v Jihlavě (clustery zigur a zapat + /storage/jihlava1)

7.8.2014 3:50 - 9:00 - Unexpected power outage in Jihlava (clusters zigur a zapat + /storage/jihlava1)

Dear users,

let us inform you that due to an unexpected power outage in Jihlava's server room the local clusters Zigur and Zapat, as well as the /storage/jihlava1 were temporarly unavailable. The computing nodes were already returned back to normal operation, however, the running jobs had been unfortunately stopped.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused -- we're unable to influence these circumstances...

Tom Rebok
MetaCentrum & CERIT-SC.

Tom Rebok, 7. 8. 2014