Neplánovaný výpadek napájení na sále v Brně, možná stálá nefunkčnost některých služeb (licenční server, portál)

15. 8. 2014 14:45 - 22:00 - Unexpected power outage in Brno server rooms, some services may still not work (e.g., license server, portal)

Dear users,

today, another unexpected power outage has occured, this time in Brno server rooms. Because of this, the Brno part of MetaCentrum infrastructure has been paralyzed, including several central services hosted there (e.g., scheduler, license server, disk storages, ...). The jobs running during the outage had been unfortunately stopped.

Most of the nodes and services should be available now. However, a few power circuits couldn't be revived and a deeper inspection of power supplies should be performed in order to detect the failing ones -- thus, several services (e.g., license server and parts of the portal) still not work.

We're really sorry for the troubles caused -- unfortunately, we're pulling the shorter end of the rope in the fight "higher power" vs. man. :-(

Tom Rebok

Tom Rebok, 16. 8. 2014