Unavailability of /storage/brno3-cerit

26.9.2014 - Unavailability of /storage/brno3-cerit

Dear users,

let us inform you, due to an unexpected short power outage on the CERIT-SC server room last night (25.9., approx 9 PM) the the disk array /storage/brno3-cerit/ filesystem is not working properly. We work on data recovery at the moment. The user data (208 TB) are being coppied (temporary) to Jihlava (/auto/jihlava1-cerit/brno3/export), with expected time about 1 or 2 weeks (due to the huge volume of data). In case you need your data urgently, please contact us at meta@cesnet.cz, we will copy it with a higher priority.

Jihlava's disk array will serve temporary (during the Brno's disk array recovery) as /home for zewura and zegox clusters, and zuphux frontend. All accessible data will be available also via simlink /storage/brno3-cerit. All the data will return from Jihlava to Brno after the Brno's disk array recovery.

With apologies for the inconvenience and with thanks for your understanding,

MetaCentrum & CERIT-SC

Ivana Křenková, 26. 9. 2014