Navraceni dat zpet z Jihlavy - kratkodoby vypadek uloziste brno3-cerit

29.-30.10.2014 - Returning data back to Jihlava -- short outage of brno3-cerit disk array

Since we managed to repair the array /storage/brno3-cerit, the data (temporarily hosted in Jihlava) will be returned back to Brno

*** on Wednesday, 29th of October ***

Since it is not possible to perform this transfer transparently, it is necessary to operate the /storage/brno3 array in a not fully consistent state for about 1-2 days.

To minimize the impacts of this transfer on you and your computations, it will be managed as follows:

Note: If you change particular data during Wednesday/Thursday in /storage/brno3/home/$LOGIN, the data can be overwritten by data synchronised/copied from Jihlava.

The running jobs should not be influenced by this transfer.

We are sorry for inconvenience.

With best regards and thanks for understanding,
Tomas Rebok,
MetaCentrum NGI.

Tom Rebok, 23. 10. 2014