Zuphux frontend and @wagap, @wagap-pro outage

7.4.2017 4 PM-0 AM - Zuphux frontend and @wagap, @wagap-pro outage

On Friday April 4, from 15:45, the frontend zuphux will be temporary unavaibale due to an unplanned emergency service of critical disk array controllers. Estimated time of the outage is 2 hours. Other frontends can be used during the outage:

Other services running from the affected disk array (Torque server @wagap and PBS Pro server @wagap-pro) will be migrated to another server on Thuersday evening, with some very short outages on Thuersday and Friday evenings.

With apologies for the inconvenience and with thanks for your understanding.CERIT_SC support

Ivana Křenková, 6. 4. 2017