Data migration onto new data storage

26.-28.10.2018 - Data migration onto new data storage

Dear CESNET MetaCentrum and Storage facility user,

We would like to inform you that the hierarchical storage in Pilsen (, /storage/plzen2-archive in MetaCentrum) will be permanently decommissioned.

If you have no data in this storage facility, this mail is not relevant for you. All your data from plzen2-archive will be transferred by storage administrators to a new storage facility.

This e-mail is to inform you about the plan and the schedule.

Data in Pilsen will be made permanently inaccessible for the users during the evening of 26th October. We'll start final synchronisation of recent changes to Ostrava storage facility, i.e.,, /storage/du-cesnet in MetaCentrum (note the change in naming convention). The data will be inaccessible during the transfer period. We expect to make the data available in the new location in Ostrava again in the evening of 28th October. The data will be permanently available in Ostrava since then.

Kindly note new Data Storage Terms of Service (ToS) and the changes they introduce. Policies for archival (long-term) data and temporary backups have been distinguished. You can find full text of the ToS on, and we also have a short description of most important changes on Both archive as well as backup policies are available to MetaCentrum users.

Data from Pilsen is considered an archive and it is handled as such.

If you have any questions or need any kind of help, please contact our user support (by replying to this mail and/or on

Thank you for your cooperation.

With kind regards,

Your CESNET MetaCentrum and Data Storage team

Ivana Křenková, 24. 10. 2018