Decomission of the /storage/brno7-cerit/, recovery of the /storage/brno6/

9.-11.1. - Decomission of the /storage/brno7-cerit/, recovery of the /storage/brno6/

Decommission of the

On Wednesday, January 9, the old storage array  (/storage/brno7-cerit /) will be shut down.

  • From January 9 to 11, the data stored in this field will not be accessible due to migration to another storage.
  • From Friday (January 11) the data will be physically placed in the, it will be accessible via symlink /storage/brno7-cerit/.
  • The relocation also applies to the fishery project directory, which will be accessible from January 11 by the existing symlink.


Influence on the running jobs:

  • The jobs that work with the data saved on (or will save data to) another disk array will not be influenced.
  • The jobs that perform their computations within the scratch space, which check the success of copying-out the resulting data (e.g., using the script skeleton available at, and which will try to save the resulting data into /storage/brno7-cerit/ during the outage, will not be influenced as well -- you'll find the resulting data in the scratch of the relevant nodes.
  • Data of the jobs that work directly with the data saved in /storage/brno7-cerit/ (not recommended) will be terminated.



Recovery of the

The storage array (/storage /brno6/) have been back in operation since Friday January 4.

The failure of the disk array was very serious. Fortunately, much of the data was saved, but a small part of the data (primarily those manipulated at the time of the malfunction) could be lost or damaged.

Please check your data stored in the /storage/brno6/ file system.


Backup policy

Please note that large disk arrays are not completely backed up, only snapshots (stored in the same field) are performed. Therefore, the data is not protected in the event of a total failure of such a disk array (as in the case of brno6 from last month). If you have any data for archiving, keep the primary copy elsewhere, or entrust the data to the CESNET DataCare


With apologies for the inconvenience and with thanks for your understanding.



Ivana Křenková, 6. 1. 2019