Unexpected outage of /storage/budejovice1/

23. 4. 2020 - Unexpected outage of /storage/budejovice1/

Dear users,

The disk array storage-budejovice1.metacentrum.cz / storage / budejovice1 / home / is temporarily unavailable due to an unplanned HW/SW failure which has occured today in the night.

The outage also affected the frontend hildor, as well as computing clusters with home directory on the disk array.


Influence on the running jobs:

  • The jobs that work with the data saved on (or will save data to) another disk array will not be influenced.
  • The jobs that perform their computations within the scratch space, which check the success of copying-out the resulting data (e.g., using the script skeleton available at https://wiki.metacentrum.cz/wiki/Working_with_data/Working_with_data_in_a_job), and which will try to save the resulting data into /storage/budejovice1/ during the outage, will not be influenced as well -- you'll find the resulting data in the scratch of the relevant nodes.
  • Data of the jobs that work directly with the data saved in /storage/budejovice1/ (not recommended) will be terminated.



We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



Ivana Křenková, 23. 4. 2020