HW upgrade of the /storage/brno2/

29.7.-1.8.2021 - HW upgrade of the /storage/brno2/

Updated July 30, 2021

Data is transferred to the new HW, in case of problems do not hesitate to contact.

Quotas have been set for the number and size of files, by default 3 TB and 2 million files.


HW upgrade of the /storage/brno2/

From Thursday July 29 to Sunday April 1, the old disk array /storage/brno2/, will be upgraded to a new hardware. Due to the huge amount of data, we estimate that the final synchronization will take several days, so please be patient. Try to limit the work on this disk array.

  • During the synchronization, the /storage/brno2/ will be fully accessible (RW), except the final synchronization the last day.
  • After copying is completed, the new disk array will be available on the same symlink as the old disk array, from the user's point of view, nothing changes:
  • After the upgrade, the data will be physically located in the following storage (the name remains the same as in the past):

Influence on the running jobs:

  • The jobs that work with the data saved on (or will save data to) another disk array will not be influenced.
  • Data written to /storage/brno2/ during synchronization may remain untransferred to the original field, storage-brno6: ~ /../ fsbrno2 / home / $ LOGNAME, and you will need to copy it individually.

Backup policy reminder

Please note that large disk arrays are not completely backed up, only snapshots (stored in the same field) are performed. Therefore, the data is not protected in the event of a total failure of such a disk array (as in the case of brno6 from last month). If you have any data for archiving, keep the primary copy elsewhere, or entrust the data to the CESNET DataCare https://du.cesnet.cz/.

List of storages: https://wiki.metacentrum.cz/wiki/NFS4_Servery

With apologies for the inconvenience and with thanks for your understanding.




Ivana Křenková, 22. 7. 2021