HW upgrade of the following disk arrays: /storage/praha1/ = /storage/vestec1-elixir/

2.6.2022 - HW upgrade of the following disk arrays: /storage/praha1/ = /storage/vestec1-elixir/

update 3. 6. 2022 3 PM

After upgrading the disk array, there were problems with the new file system. The problem has been fixed and the array is available again, you can start using it.


Disk array upgrade of the  /storage/praha1/ = /storage/vestec1-elixir/

On Thuersday, June 2, the disk arrays will be upgraded in Prague (capacity, redundancy, and speed increase), during which it will be necessary to stop the arrays for a short time.

If everything goes according to plan, short outages of the storage-vestec1 (= praha1) array can be expected. In the coming days, there should be a significant increase in available capacity.

We will try to minimize the impact on running jobs as much as possible.

At the same time, the quota for the size of stored data will be increased to 0.5T -> 2TB and the quota for the number of files to 2 million.


With apologies for the inconvenience and with thanks for your understanding.




Ivana Křenková, 24. 5. 2022