Unplanned disk array failure /storage/brno1-cerit/

7-10.7.2023 - Unplanned disk array failure /storage/brno1-cerit/

Update: the storage is slow, we are working on a fix


Dear user,

Today afternoon (7 July) there was a HW failure of the /storage/brno1-cerit/ disk array. We are working on getting it back up and running in cooperation with the supplier.

Running jobs that copy output back to the array fail to do this, and the data remains in the scratch on the appropriate node where it was running. To access the data on the compute nodes, use the following shortcut:

     tarkil.grid.cesnet.cz$ go_to_scratch 79868.meta-pbs.metacentrum.cz

You can use other frontends (https://wiki.metacentrum.cz/wiki/Frontend) and disk arrays during the outage.
With apologies and thanks for understanding
MetaCenter Team




Ivana Křenková, 7. 7. 2023